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North Carolina

Description: First Annual Compost Fair - May 6th, 2021 Henderson County is hosting a Compost Fair to distribute pre-ordered home compost bins will also have local organizations educating the public on soil health, gardening and composting.

Description: Join Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department and our partners as we celebrate International Compost Awareness Week! Celebrated annually, ICAW, is designed to promote the benefits of composting and compost for effective resource management, soil health and plant growth. Traditionally, ICAW is promoted by holding group activities and events. However due to COVID-19, this year’s plans for ICAW have shifted toward using social media, Zoom, videos, emails and other creative ways for people to share the program’s message.

The events are sponsored locally by ACC Recycling Division, Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful, UGA Cooperative Extension and the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.
From storytimes to videos and more, be sure to follow us on social media for more composting fun!
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ALL WEEK: Get Caught Composting!
Post your best photos getting caught in the act of composting or using compost! And check out our social media pages to see who else  is #caughtcompostinginGA  #composting  #icaw  #getcaughtcomposting

ALL WEEK: No-Charge Residential Drop-Off Program!
Residents can bring buckets of food scraps and other compostable material to the locations listed below:

CHaRM (roll carts outside gate)
1005 College Ave.
Athens, GA 30605

Solid Waste Administrative Office (roll cart outside to the right of the entrance)
725 Hancock Industrial Way
Athens, Ga 30605

Athens-Clarke County Landfill
5700 Lexington Road
Monday-Friday: 8-3

ALL WEEK: KACCB Compost Book Donation
The Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful Board of Directors is proud to support the donation of a compost themed book for all  Athens-Clarke County Green School Libraries, Master Composters, and the ACC and Pinewoods Libraries. This year’s title is Grow Your Soil! by Diane Miessler, 2020.

ALL WEEK: Compost Bins for Sale
Ready to start composting at home? Earth Machine Compost bins are available from Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful for $52 (tax included).
You may purchase online using a credit card at



1. Geobin created a compost oriented coloring page and word search. I've made those available to statewide professional organizations and my grandkids: GEOBIN-Composter_Composting-Coloring-Contest.pdf
2. I had planned to meet with members of the state legislature face to face but, had to cancel those meetings.  I sent my comments by email.
3. Locally, we’re planning a composting workshop online in conjunction with ICAW and a local urban agriculture organization.
4. I had arranged for proclamations from the Governor and the mayor of Columbia, MO, which is the fourth largest city in Missouri.  I’m working on press releases about those.


New York

Description: Here’s what one ICAW Volunteer is planning to do in her community in upstate NY.
Details: I’d like to see if people would be interested in an online composting workshop or chat on Zoom. I also have contacts with local newspapers that might be interested in doing an article, since they’ve covered our composting business and the local zoning issues we’ve faced. We’ve had to shut down our food waste collection business. Though, we’re working to hopefully rectify it and relocate to a place where we’ll have more space. Another thing I’m doing is working on an email newsletter for my business supporters and have thought of doing a composting how-to series on it to coincide with ICAW. Finally, I’m also going to put posters up, although people aren’t going out as much so not as many people will see them.



Description: Rod Tyler and Green Horizons Environmental are planting gardens daily in GardenSoxx and showing very unique set ups of raised planters, greenhouses and other uses for GardenSoxx. GardenSoxx are filled with locally made compost, so they are an ideal container for all of our members to quickly garden without using a rototiller. They can be used almost anywhere, on pavement, weed barrier on grass, or rooftops!! We will be sharing this progress on social media pages to help celebrate this great event that I helped start 25 years ago!


Puerto Rico

Description: This came from some at a university in Puerto Rico, who has a lot of great plans.
Details: We are planning to host a Facebook Live tour of the large-scale composting facilities of Vivo Recycling in the Municipality of Caguas in Puerto Rico.

In addition, we'll be sharing information on ICAW with our members and encouraging them to develop their own workshops, videos and live transmissions for this week. We will also be encouraging our GREEN-PR Stewards to post selfies with their compost bins and the ICAW hashtags, as well as publish any additional composting material they've created during their internship.



Description: CAV is hosting, or are involved in virtual events throughout the week. Please see their schedule of events at


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Here’s Teri Sorg-McManamom, ICAW Committee Chair with her ICAW 2020 video.

2021 ICAW Sponsors

If you would like to be a 2021 ICAW Sponsor, contact Beth Simone at


Learn how our international partners celebrate ICAW around the world.

In Canada, celebrations will be around the theme “For the Love of the Earth… Compost!/Pour l’Amour de la Terre … Compost !” Click here to learn more about Canada’s plans for ICAW 2020.

Learn what Australia is doing for ICAW

And in the UK

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