New Webinar Looking at Answering the Question – Is it Compostable

12/04/2019 9:52 AM

Every day restaurants, community and private events, and stadiums adopt compostable service-ware and packaging to be more sustainable. While these products have been certified compostable, the lab-based disintegration results don’t always match the conditions at compost facilities receiving the compostable products.
The Compostable Products Field Testing Program is a ready-to-go field test program to assist operators in answering the question of Will They Breakdown at my Compost Facility? On Wednesday, December 11 at 1:00 PM Eastern, join the webinar led by program coordinators, CCREF and BSIbio, as they, along with participating compost manufacturers, explain how the field testing program is designed to answer potential issues with compostable products’ compostability in real-world conditions and how you as an operator can contribute.