Santa Rosa, California
March 16-20, 2020

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Hillsborough, New Jersey
June 22-26, 2020

We are currently finalizing training details for this course and the registration will officially open by February 25, 2020. In the meantime, use the link below to add your name to the waitlist. We thank you for your patience. 

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Lincoln, Nebraska
August 3-7, 2020

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Raleigh, North Carolina
September 14-18, 2020

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Fort Collins, Colorado
November 2-6, 2020

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There are usually 4-5 trainings held each year. Check back periodically for updates to scheduled trainings.

For more details about the individual courses or the course in general, see the Related Downloads to the right.

About the CCREF's Compost Operations Training Course:

This 40-hr, 5-day course focuses on giving you the knowledge you need to run a successful composting facility, whether you’re just getting started or have been composting for a while. In addition to in-depth lectures, the course provides hands-on practice through indoor and outdoor activities as well as tours to local facilities, where the theories meet reality.

From compost operators to environmental and agricultural consultants to local and state regulators; the Compost Operations Training Course is for anyone who wants quality instruction from leading composting professionals and educators on the art and science of commercial scale compost production and marketing.


Day 1: Composting process, feedstocks and recipe development, compost systems
Day 2: Equipment, safety, site design, environmental protection (odors and stormwater)
Day 3: Regulations, composting facility tours
Day 4: Compost testing, product quality, compost uses and marketing
Day 5: Facility management, trouble-shooting and analyzing compost piles

Regular Price: USCC members: $970, non-members: $1,070
Registration By Early Bird Date: $100 Off regular USCC members and Non-member pricing!
Student discount available

For more information on the training, contact Wayne Howard, CCREF Project Manager

Our Compost Operations Training Course meets the training requirements to become a Certified Compost Operations Manager. For more info, go to

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