The Compost & Climate Connection

The Compost & Climate Connection is a new publication just published by CREF exploring the subject of removing organic wastes from landfills and the value this can mean for climate control. This new publication, a companion to The Soil & Water Connection, provides a clear explanation of how ‘wastes’ can be looked at as resources in the fight against climate change.

In The Compost & Climate Connection, written by Dr. Sally Brown, Dr. Britt Faucette and Katie Kurtz, the authors offer an informative exploration of how using composts and other soil amendments can help not only the climate but also help make soils stronger and more resilient to changes. Filled with four-color photos, charts and illustrations, The Compost and Climate Connection should be of interest for those working in the compost manufacturing industry, backyard composters, teachers and educators or anyone looking for the most up-to-date resources on this vitally important subject.

Read part of The Compost & Climate Connection here

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Compost in Low Impact Development Subject of Updated USCC Research Guide

Scientific research is critical to expansion of the use of compost products in designing low impact development projects such as brownfield remediation and wetlands restoration.

The Compost Research and Education Foundation (CREF) has consolidated scientific research to update a valuable research publication in response to the growing body of research supporting the effectiveness of compost to mitigate storm water by managing rain where it falls, thereby preventing the transport of sediment and harmful pollutants to our nation’s waterways.

The guide, the new 2014 edition of the Soil and Water Connection: A Watershed Manager’s Guide to Organics, provides water, soil and forestry managers with scientific best practices for compost use.

The document research and production was underwritten by composting industry leaders; Rodney Tyler, Filtrexx International LLC, and Patrick Geraty, St. Louis Composting, Inc. spearheaded the efforts. Overseeing the editing and revision process was Britt Faucette, Ph.D., a CREF Trustee and Director of Research at Filtrexx International.

Read part of The Soil & Water Connection here

CREF thanks all of the organizations who donated funding to this project: Association of Compost Producers · BioCycle Magazine · Casella Organics · Cedar Grove · Compost Council of Canada  · ConWed Plastics · Doppstadt · ERTH Products · Filtrexx International, LLC · Forester Publications · Kellogg Garden Products · Komptech · LETCO/Living Earth LLC · Loudoun Composting · McGill · Morbark · NCCC · Peterson Pacific · Rexius · St. Louis Composting · Surfrider Foundation · Synagro · WeCare Organics · XPEDX · Z-Best Composting

Publication is available for purchase through the CREF store

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