ICAW Poster Contest

Call for Entries: The International Compost Awareness Week Committee invites YOU to get involved in ICAW 2020. We’re looking for anyone interested in participating in our 18th Annual Poster Contest. The winning poster will be used to promote International Compost Awareness Week, May 3-9, 2020.

POSTER THEME: Soil Loves Compost

The contest runs from September 1 until November 1, 2019 and is open to anyone who wishes to share their artistic creativity to promote this year’s theme. The winning poster will serve as the promotional piece to share in the United States the 2020 International Compost Awareness Week theme (ICAW is celebrated in other countries, some using a different theme see sidebar). We invite EVERYONE, to join in the fun - whether or not you have celebrated or been involved in ICAW in the past, we want you to participate this year. This international contest is open to anyone ten years old and up.

This year’s theme is based on the idea that Soil Loves Compost because compost feeds soil!  Soil is alive and needs nourishment to be healthy.  With healthy soil you grow healthy plants.   Soil Loves Compost because it provides food and nutrients for living microbes that make up healthy soil.  Without compost we would have few ways to enrich and restore soil.  Compost keeps soil strong and healthy by reusing and recycling organic materials in a “zero waste” cycle. Compost keeps our soil happy and it keeps our planet healthy.  Soil Loves Compost! To learn more about why compost is so good for soil, click here.

It’s easy to enter! Here’s how it works: The poster contest winner will have his/her poster reproduced and distributed to thousands nationwide. It will be the official 2020 International Compost Awareness Week poster and featured on the CCREF website as well as on the US Composting Council website too. The winning “poster artist” will have his/her name posted on the CCREF website and will be included on all print material and in any press releases in association with our annual ICAW celebration.

The successful poster winner will receive a $500 prize. The contest is open to anyone from 10 years old to adult. There are 3 contest divisions: grades 3-7, grades 8-12, and college – adult. The best from each division will be entered into the final contest. The winning design will be chosen by the end of November.

The contest begins on September 1, 2019 and continues until end of day, November 1, 2019.

This is YOUR opportunity to display your creative talent and show your belief in composting and in the benefits of using compost!

Please read the Poster Contest Rules before submitting your application form with your poster design.

REQUIREMENT CHECKLIST - Entries will be eliminated if requirements are not followed exactly.
Please read before you enter and make sure your poster has everything it needs.

  • Only one entry per person
  • Size is no more than 12” wide X 18” high (this is in inches)
  • Resolution is 300 dpi in jpg format
  • Poster contains the theme title, Soil Loves Compost
  • Poster contains the words International Compost Awareness Week, May 3 - 9, 2020
  • Do not add additional words to your poster. Only the theme title and International Compost Awareness Week, May 3 – 9, 2020 are allowed. Any changes to those words or additions will automatically eliminate your entry.
  • If you have a photograph as part of your poster, please confirm that either you took the photo or you have obtained legal rights to use the photo.

The ICAW 2020 Poster Contest application form will be available online starting September 1st.

For questions, please send an email to

2019 Winning Design

Meet the ICAW 2019 Poster Contest Winner

The ICAW Committee of the Compost Council Research & Education Foundation, is pleased to announce the winning design for ICAW 2019. Chosen from hundreds of entries sent in from throughout the world, formerly from Michigan and now an LA-based illustrator and designer, Evan Clark is this year’s ICAW Poster Contest winner. Using his artistic talents, Evan cleverly used a series of illustrations to highlight the many benefits of compost. As you can see from his bio “photo”, he lives and breathes his work - much like his attitude towards environmental issues.

As Evan explained when asked why he entered the contest, “I feel very strongly about the role art and design has in promoting awareness of climate change and sustainability practices. I believe composting is a great way to feel more connected to the food and products we consume and the mechanisms by which they come and go. For my poster design, I wanted to create a small world of imagery that was bold and bright in evoking the positive ideas we associate with composting and a healthy environment. A lot of the discussion around climate change presently is very dire, but I think it is still important to reinforce our commitment to addressing it with positive imagery. Most important of all, though, was the central message: Cool the Climate - Compost! I hope my poster can help those wanting to participate in combating climate change realize the helpful role composting can play.”

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