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The ICAW 2021 Poster Contest has ended. The new winner has been chosen (see below). Please check back next year for information on the ICAW 2022 contest which will start on September 1, 2021.

Meet the ICAW 2021 Poster Contest Winner

This year’s winner of the ICAW 2021 Poster Contest is Anastasia Skachko. Out of hundreds and hundreds of entries from around the world, her entry was chosen. She is a self-taught freelance digital artist from Kaliningrad, Russia. She likes to create unique fantasy worlds and creatures and would describe her works as cute and whimsical filled with mystery and magic. Currently, her family has a country house with a garden (where they plant tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, beetroots etc.) and they do have a compost pile where they throw organic left-overs and plan to use the compost next season in their garden. This is how she described what she was thinking about when she did her poster design, “I imagined compost as cute little creatures who share their love with plants and vegetables which help them grow.”


We received so many wonderful poster design entries. Out of all the entries, these were the top 14. Congratulations to these top 14 entries who rated so high with everyone who voted, and thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the contest. Hopefully it was fun to create your design and it helped a lot of people from throughout the world learn more about ICAW and the many benefits of compost use and organics recycling.

Meet the ICAW 2021 Video Contest Winner

Offered for the first time to children and teens in grades 4 - 8, the video contest asked for a 30 second video highlighting ICAW and the theme for this year, Grow, Eat... COMPOST... Repeat and to also show something related to the benefits of compost use and/or organics recycling.

Watch the winning video

Addy Ackerman-Leist is the winner of the contest. Addy is 11-years-old fifth grader and lives on a farm in Pawlet, Vermont. She has a pet guinea pig and a small flock of laying hens. She plays alto saxophone, skis, and likes to build forts and towns in the woods. Her family has a garden where they grow an assortment of foods including tomatoes, cabbage, beans, and lots of basil. This year Addy planted an “mystery” squash plant - it grew at least 15 butternut squashes. All of the household food waste (except for meat scraps which are eaten by chickens or the dog) is composted in a large bin made of shipping pallets, located next to the garden. Addy loves to cook and pick vegetables out of the garden and sees compost as just a normal part of that whole cycle.

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