The ICAW 2020 Poster Contest has ended. The contest is run every year from early September until early November. Please check back to this page then to see the new theme chosen for ICAW 2021 and how to enter the contest.

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Meet the ICAW 2020 Poster Contest Winner

The ICAW Committee of the Compost Council Research & Education Foundation, is pleased to announce the winning design for ICAW 2020. Chosen from hundreds of entries sent in from throughout the world, Magnus Kallas, from London, England, submitted the design that was chosen using the theme Soil Loves Compost. He’s a graphic designer, amateur photographer and a fan of urban composting. In his youth he helped his grandparents on their farm before becoming a full-time city dweller. Now located in east London, he re-discovered composting when he started a little window garden of onions, basil and tomato plants and started mixing the soil with leftovers like eggshells, leaves, and peels from fruits and vegetables.

Here’s what Magnus has to say about why he entered the contest: “Doing the artwork for the poster I was thinking about the action that happens on top, around and below the ground with good soil. While a blossoming and seeding onion might be a headache for some farmers, I see it in a more positive way – good soil and happy plants are part of a healthy ecosystem. Hence the bee is happy too. Sustainability is an important part of all our lives.”

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