Purchase GardenSoxx® and Support ICAW

ICAW is working with GardenSoxx® to help promote a great product that will help you with your gardening and help ICAW too. If you purchase your GardenSoxx here, you’ll receive a 10% discount and ICAW will receive a donation! Everyone will be happy – including your garden.

GardenSoxx® is an organic landscape and gardening system, which makes use of high-quality compost held inside a mesh tube to provide better growing conditions for plants. It is a simple and versatile gardening container that can be used virtually anywhere. It is a three dimensional tubular device made of breathable mesh and filled with organic compost materials that is simple to use, delivers higher yields and keeps weeds out. You can grow better vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers safely and abundantly on concrete, decks, and patios; in backyards, front yards, fields - anywhere. The GardenSoxx® is perfect for urban farms, commercial agriculture, backyards, or community & school gardens.

For more information on GardenSoxx® or to place your order and receive your discount click link: GARDENSOXX®

How would YOU like to be an ICAW State or Regional Coordinator? The ICAW Committee is looking for an individual (or team of individuals) in each state, who is willing to lead International Compost Awareness Week in their home state. It's easy to be involved, especially if you are already celebrating ICAW! If you are interested or need more details,
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