Webinar: Addressing Contamination in Food Waste for Composting

December 14, 2022, 2PM EST


What You'll Learn

Hear about the work being done in Boulder, Colorado and in the City of Seattle to combat the increasing problem of compost contamination. Contamination is a growing problem nationwide, becoming worse as food waste collections have grown in many cities and towns.  During this webinar, you’ll hear from Clinton Sanders of A1 Organics, and Kate Kurtz and Becca Fong from the City of Seattle, as they share specific details and steps they have taken to address contamination in food waste for composting.

From public relations campaigns to working closely with haulers, you’ll learn from these frontline leaders on what they have learned and experienced as they battle contamination in their communities.

Webinar Speakers

Kate Kurtz
Seattle Public Utilities

Kate Kurtz Kate is the Organics and Landscape Resource Conservation Program Lead for Seattle Public Utilities. The goals of this program area include compost participation, both with responsibly putting organics into the green bin or a backyard system, and then using that finished compost product on the backend. She has deep experience in soil science, organic residual management, and technical communications. She has served as a consultant helping utilities and industry groups with science communications and strategic planning, a biosolids project manager for King County, a research assistant at the University of Washington, and a chemist at Soil Control Lab in Watsonville, CA.


Clinton Sander
A1 Organics

Clinton Sander joined A1 Organics in July 2018 as the marketing manager. He has spent the last 8 years working in the natural foods industry creating marketing initiatives, brand campaigns, and innovative merchandising techniques. He is passionate about sustainability, family, and giving back to the community. Clinton has seen first-hand the importance and value of diverting organic material away from Colorado landfills within the commercial retail food industry. He believes organics are a “natural resource” that need to be saved and are just as important as our water supply.


Becca Fong
Brown and Caldwell

Becca Fong has a passion for helping people create connections with the environment to live lighter on the earth. In her role as the Residential Compost and Recycling Program Manager for Seattle Public Utilities (currently on sabbatical), she focuses on community education and outreach for composting, recycling, and municipal solid waste services.

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