Theme for 2017 International Compost Awareness Week Announced

08/25/2016 10:30 AM

Each year, the International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) committee chooses a theme to help encourage composting nationwide and in many international countries. In the U.S., ICAW is held the first week of May, set for May 7-13, 2017.    

The theme for ICAW 2017 is Compost! Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, a message that is especially timely with the release of ReFED (Rethink Food Waste Through Economics & Data) and a goal of reducing food waste in the U.S. by 50% by 2030 set by EPA and USDA.

The goal of ICAW is to build awareness and educate the public about the value of compost and the need to use compost to improve soils and water quality.  In the fall, a Poster Contest is held the first week of May; events and activities are planned by communities, municipalities, organizations, schools and individuals that range from compost giveaway days to workshops, lectures, tours and other fun and educational programs.
 New this year is the role of the Composting Council Research & Education Foundation (CCREF) in overseeing the ICAW program instead of the Foundation's sister organization, the US Composting Council. The change is expected to increase the educational focus of bringing the message of the importance of compost production to a wider audience.
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