The International Compost Awareness Week Committee Announces the Winning Design for the 2018 ICAW Poster Contest

12/19/2017 12:26 PM

Poster Contest - Talia Mitre FINAL.jpeg 

Created by talented eleventh-grade, high school student, Talia Mitre, from Rockville, Maryland, the winning entry for the 2018 ICAW Poster Contest highlights the current theme of Compost! Building a Better Future. Talia explains the concept behind her design:

"I have always cared about the environment and I love doing design work. When I found out that there was a contest combining both of these I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to show on my poster how composting can really help our world become beautiful in the future. To achieve this, I created a globe shaped as a flower growing out of a pile of compost. Compost takes what many people consider as trash and turns it into something both beautiful and useful for our planet."

Close to 300 people, age ten and above from over 30 countries, entered this year’s contest.  The ICAW Committee would like to thank all the talented people who took the time to create so many amazing designs and who care about promoting compost and sustainability. Read more..

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