Supporting scientific research is a core focus of the CCREF mission.  Here are some of the most current research projects and upcoming future project areas from the Foundation:

Soluble Salts in Compost
The purpose of this paper is to explore the known knowledge regarding the speciation of the specific salt measured by the EC test and determine if further research is needed to identify the specific salts and their impacts on plant growth.The CCREF is in the process of completing the scientific review of the Soluble Salt paper it has commissioned. Once the scientific review is completed it will be published here.

Field Sampling of Compost Materials
The Compost Sampling Video Project developed a two-part video series designed to educate composters on how to effectively and accurately take samples from both finished compost or an active heterogeneous stockpile or windrow. A Sampling Reference Guide is being written as an additional educational tool. Sampling Video Page

Compostables Field Testing Program
The CCREF and partners have created a ready-to-go field test for certified compostable food packaging. This open source standardized field test will provide baseline data on composting conditions that impact disintegration of compostable products and packaging. This will allow the CCREF to develop tools for composters wanting to understand best practices for processing these feedstocks. Field Testing Page

Air Emissions
This literature review is evaluating current air quality testing methods to determine their effectiveness and identify possible changes or alternatives to current testing methods that are more cost-effective and will provide suitably accurate data regarding the emissions at a compost facility. This review is currently out for peer review. Once the review is completed, it will be available here. But, before that review is available, here is a shorter version you can read on this subject.

Next research project for CCREF

Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis of Applying Compost to Aid Product Marketing
While organic diversion has increased, market demand for compost has not kept pace; Many compost facilities have growing stockpiles. One reason for this is that it has been difficult to educate the market on the economic benefits of applying compost. The CCREF will research current literature and studies documenting ROI and then create individual reports that will provide instructions and explain the ROI for very specific compost applications.

Click here to find a list of other research projects CCREF has done over the years.

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Thank you to all the companies and individuals who donated to our match challenge at Compost2020 to help us grow our research projects.  These generous donations will allow CCREF to continue to offer more industry-specific research projects.
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